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Exchange Opportunities

The ITT has been supporting the exchange of students and teachers with partner universities in developing countries for many years. The coordinators of the international study programs at ITT accompany the students in administrative processes and ensure the necessary communication with the partner universities.

Since 2010, the CNRD project has enabled a strong expansion of student exchanges with the partner universities. The modalities for exchange and the procedure of credit recognition were pre-defined according to the requirements of exchange-scholarships.

The entire study period can be based at VAWR, however, the 3rd semester is dedicated for student exchange. Students can study the third semester at any ITT partner university (see to get to know local and regional challenges through local lecturers, project work and field trips. There are opportunities to participate in Joint-Student-Projects and on-going research projects with students from international partners (Brazil, Chile, Nepal, …). Study courses can be visited and MSc thesis can be conducted within one of the partner institutions. This concept allows students to broaden their university experience and serve individual interests. Such regular student exchanges are backed up by well-established collaborations between TH Köln and several partner universities, which signed memorandums of understanding, including student exchange agreements, and therefore guarantee smooth credit recognition. TH Köln as well as other partner universities bring their respective expertise into the program, which is fundamental and applied research on the one hand and specific expertise in water resources management on the other hand.

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Examination Regulations

PO1: Examination regulations in English (28.11.2014)
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PO1: Examination regulations in German (28.11.2014)
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PO2: Examination regulations in German (26.10.2022)
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