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IWRM Activities

Amman-Cologne Symposium

The Amman-Cologne Symposium offers an opportunity for an intersectoral dialogue joining experts from research, teaching, policy, administration and industry. The objective is to foster interdisciplinary exchange, to create ideas on how to pave the way for future cooperation, to establish concepts for common research project bridging sectors and disciplines.

The Amman-Cologne School of IWRM promotes the concept of an integrated approach to water and related resources in research, teaching and development. It considers the organization of this symposium as a contribution to foster cooperation between the water and other sectors and hopes to initiate closer cooperation between Jordan and Germany in particular but between the MENA and EU regions in general.

The meeting connects around 100 researchers, practitioners and representatives from key organizations dealing with water and energy in the Middle East.

Symposium objectives

  • Enabling a comprehensive dialog among scientists, decision makers and experts from the private sector and development cooperation.
  • Raising awareness to the importance of dealing with intersectoral linkages between water and energy.
  • Fostering interdisciplinary exchange by covering environmental, technological, economic, institutional and social aspects.
  • Bridging the gap at the intersection between science and practice.
  • Identifying needs for action and areas of further research for academia, public and private institutions.

Q&A Chat – 16.08.22

for DAAD scholarship applicants

When: August 16, 2022
1:30 PM – 3:30 PM

Time Zone: German time

We invite you to join our Zoom Chat for a Questions & Answers session addressing potential DAAD scholarship applicants (foreign applicants from DAC list countries) for the master programs REM, NRM, and IWRM.

Target group: Foreign applicants from DAC list countries with a bachelor’s degree, who wish to apply by 30.09.2022 to DAAD EPOS Scholarship in one of the three Master Programs (REM, NRM, or IWRM).

You will be able to enter the Zoom chat room via the following link:
Meeting ID: 847 7378 5402
Passcode: ITTadvice

In advance, you can test your system (camera and microphone) here:

Examination regulations

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