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Team Projects

team Project in the MENA regionIn their future professional career graduates of the MSc IWRM will frequently need to work in expert-teams to assess water resources system, to identify and assess ongoing water related problems, to develop and evaluate solutions and to sketch and formulate comprehensive water resources plans. These teams will typically be multi-disciplinary and often multi-cultural.


In order to be an efficient member of such a team, the participants need to bring along the necessary technical qualifications and at the same time the communicative and managerial skills necessary for successful group work.

Team Projects are offered during the first semester in Jordan. Here, students apply the knowledge they acquire from the „basic“ and „specialized“ modules and practice team work, communication, reporting, presentation, and management skills in cooperation with ongoing projects and organisations.

Selected Team Projects (From the MENA Region)

Enhancing Curricula Spiritual-Based Values and Awareness Level Related to Water for Students of Shari’ah

Romuald Bollinger, Abdulkhaleq Alwan, Asmaa Al-Wajih, Hana Baddad (Intake 2011)
in cooperation with Mercy Corps [published online]

Low-Cost Drinking Water Treatment Systems
Ghadeer Mohammed, Maika Müller, Mirja Michalscheck, Muhammad Khalifa, Ronza Al Marji (Intake 2010)
in cooperation with Mercy Corps [published online]

Prevention of Water Pollution in Rural Areas
Mahmoud Hammad, Ramon Brentführer, Philip Schuler, Hani Al-Koli (Intake 2010)
in cooperation with BGR [published online]

Water Wise Girls – an Environmental School Club as Nucleus for a Behavioural Change Towards Water Issues
Anna Marquardt, Hotaf Yassien, Aharon Weiss (Intake 2009)
in cooperation with JOHUD [published online]

Water Supply and Sanitation in the MENA Region – Wikipedia Articles for Egypt, Jordan, Palestinian Territories, Tunisia
Martin Kerres, Mohamed Badran, Jochen Maier, Fayez Abuhilou, Rasha Sharkawi (Intake 2008)
in cooperation with World Bank [published online]


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Application deadline for foreign applicants: Non German applicants can apply for the Master program until March 31st of the year via UniAssist

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