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IWRM International - Master of Science with focus on Middle East and Northern Africa Region

Study Fees


  1st Semester 2nd Semester 3rd Semester 4th Semester
Tuition Fees * * * *
Registration Fees at GJU     ~230.- JD  
Registration Fees at TH Köln
~230.- € ~230.- € ~75.- € ~75.- €
Excursion Fees 250.- € 250.- € 250.- €







Tuition fees

Nominal tuition fees are introduced since 2012 as the programme receives degressive funding from its donor institutions. In 2013, nominal tuition fees of 7.500.-€ for the entire course comprise all registration and excursion fess listed below, in addition to lectures, tutoring, supervision, training material and other programme activities. Scholarship holders are exempted from tuition fees. Applicants who are not awarded a scholarship may apply for a tuition fees waiver.

Registration fees

Registration fees at GJU comprise student services (e.g. cantina, library, sports).

Registration fees at TH Köln comprise free public transport in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia and student services (e.g. cantina, library, sports). Arab students are exempted from registration fees during the first semester. Registration fees are subject to minor changes from year to year.

Excursion fees

Basic course fees for field trips, conference participation and course materials will be charged. The course fees of the programme are contributing to the overall costs for transport, accomodation, and entrance fees. Starting from Intake 2011 on the course fees will be 250.- € per semester.

Partner: German Jordanian University

Partner: German Jordanian University

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