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IWRM International - Master of Science with focus on Middle East and Northern Africa Region

Academic Calendar

Summer term 2018

Please click here for the summer semester Schedule 2018.
For the examination schedule Summer Semester 2018, please click here.

Date Event
03.04.2018 Start of lectures
27.07.2018 End of lectures
01.03 – 31.08.2018 Summer semester






Winter term 2017/2018

Please click here for the WS 2017/18 Schedule
For the examination schedule winter semester 2017/18, please click here.

Date Event
04.10.2017 Start of Semester in Cologne
23.12. – 07.01.2017 Christmas Holiday
16.02.2017 End of Semester








Partner: German Jordanian University

Partner: German Jordanian University

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